Happy Birthday to us!

Today is a big day! WestonWeb is one year old!

In the past year, we’ve published 345 posts, more than one for every working day. The response has been great: We’ve had almost 18,000 visits!   Last month alone we had more than 2800 visits.

We’ve had visitors from Syria, Portugal, China and Panama, among many others. Almost 900 people visited from the States. Welcome to Weston, all of you!

We’ve also had some illustrious guests. The Toronto Star stops by all the time, as does the Canadian Press (Watch your lunch, you ink-stained wretches!). Employees of the City of Toronto check in regularly (Keep up the good work!) as have a couple of people from the big buildings in Ottawa and Queen’s Park (Glad to have you!)

But thanks, most of all, to you, dear readers. I know that I’ve really loved this part of my day. I hope you’ve enjoyed WestonWeb too.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to us!”

  1. keep up the excellent work! this is a great website & exactly what weston needs.

    thank you westonweb writers for all your hard work. it’s much appreciated!

  2. Great job Adam. Here’s to many more years of coummunity reporting!! Your site is an important asset to the Weston community.

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