Hassan speaks in the House, gets new role

Faisal Hassan, our newly-elected MPP, has had a busy couple of weeks in the House. He argued against legislating York faculty back to work, and he brought up the proposed meat-packing plant in Rockclife: “Instead of a long-awaited park being constructed in the community, the lot was sold through a closed-door bidding process. Now there will be no chance to modernize the area. That means no stores, no small businesses or even a park.”

To the new PC government’s credit, they listened to his concerns. I must say, I am very surprised.

Hon. Jim Wilson: To the honourable member: Certainly we’d be very interested in learning more details about this case….

I will certainly work with you and get back to you and answer your questions fully to the satisfaction hopefully of yourselves and your constituents. Please send us more information.

Hassan was also nominated to a rather dry-sounding role on the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly, which oversees  bills, “agendas, Hansard transcripts and meeting notices.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.