Hassan wins in York South–Weston

The polls in York South–Weston closed late because our riding was a bit of a nail-biter. In the end, Faisal Hassan of the NDP won in a tight three-way race.

From The Star

Hassan took 36% of the vote, squeaking past an very strong showing from Mark DeMontis, who earned 33%. Long-time MPP Laura Albanese came in third with 28%.


Weston is part of the city wall surrounding Toronto, which voted almost entirely orange—in stark contrast to the rest of rural and suburban Southern Ontario.

From the CBC

That the NDP won is no great surprise. We’ve long been a centre-left riding. The big news is DeMontis’ support: he performed extremely well, riding a strong campaign and blue wave to near victory in a riding that gave the PCs only 11% of the vote in the last election.

The vote must sting Albanese, who served as a competent and reasonably-accomplished MPP. She lost through no great fault of her own, but because she was part of an inept and corrupt administration that tried to buy votes instead of staying true to its centrist principles.

Hassan will join an opposition party facing a bumbling PC leader for whom all politics is personal. Doug Ford has convictions but no principles—and we will all be sure to pay the price as he forms an evidence-free administration.

Now that the race is over, the marathon begins. Holding the PCs to account will be a test of endurance for the Hassan and the rest of the NDP.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Hassan wins in York South–Weston”

  1. Does he have convictions? I’m not so sure.

    Although Ford is a malignant, incompetent jackass, there are many in his party who are not, even if we can’t expect them to sympathize with the concerns of the urban voters by whom they were utterly rejected.

    Let’s also not forget that parliamentary government works differently than municipal politics. Ford’s first challenge will be to form a government in a caucus containing many who are less than enthusiastic about his leadership. He will be forced to compromise. And if recent history is any guide, the PCs are entirely capable of ditching leaders who attract unwanted controversy.

  2. No matter what, four years will fly by before we know it.
    And, we’ll adapt & endure the next wave of nonsense, similarly.

    Question is who will the “centrist” Liberals run past us?
    (And, will Mr. DeMontis remain a “conservative”?)

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