Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

The news of the deaths of two men today is depressing. We don’t have all the details yet but there seems to be an entrenched criminal element in Weston that thinks nothing of routinely carrying firearms and using them to settle disputes. These urban terrorists have made people fearful. Our vibrant community here in Weston has been ruined over the years by inept politicians, poor planning and a seeming inability of our police force to contain this mayhem. The question that needs to be asked of planners, politicians and police is, how do you propose to reverse this decline? Surely this is rock bottom?

4 thoughts on “Have We Hit Bottom Yet?”

  1. we need more police walking the sidewalks of weston road to encourage a feeling of safety, especially after sundown. some mounted units wouldn’t hurt either. once a sense of safety is established through such an initiative, more people will venture out on to weston road after sundown which will further act as an inhibitor of crime. more late night attractions on weston road would be beneficial as well. the main point is to erode the sense of privacy criminals feel with the lack of human activity during certain hours of the day. maybe lighting conditions can be improved as well.

  2. I don’t think we’ve hit rock bottom sadly. Weston has been in such decline since the loss of our vibrant downtown and frankly since Amalgamation with the City of Toronto.

    The activity of the criminal element in Weston is driving residents out of our community and making our community less desirable to families.

    Our local police station is shared with Jane/Finch and that is where the priority for policing is placed, plain and simple. It’s like we’re a non-factor.

    We need more stable businesses, more family oriented activities and more patrols until we, the citizens of Weston can feel like this is our community again, not the new stomping grounds of the gangs and criminal element.

  3. I have lived in Weston for under a year, and am starting to regret moving here.
    I hope the community will wake up and see the news and vote on election day for change for this community.
    Demand change in the political field, demand that the police add more cops to our community, and demand that the school boards, businesses, city councillor, and other politicians work with ALL community members to drive for true change.

  4. Anon, you are correct. When the new lamps were installed 8 years ago by the BIA, we begged for better, white light bulbs but the City department facilitating the order, would not do that. White, metal halide bulbs would have made the area brighter and easier to see ‘situations’ and identify people and their clothing. Your comments are exactly right and we need people to be the ‘eyes on the street’.

    Longtime Weston, you are correct too. 31 division needs to hear from all of us way more in order to send more patrols at all times of the day. Ironically, they love to eat in Weston so they are here but not on calls. By the end of next year, we will be part of 12 division instead of 31 when the boundaries are redrawn and we are closer to our division headquarters. If you hear or see something out of the ordinary or think you heard gunshots, then call 911 right away. The more calls they receive, the more attention we will get and the more patrols we will have. If they do not hear from us, they will assume we are okay.

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