Hell freezes; City Council finishes business–forever

Your humble correspondent is delighted to see that City Council has solved all the problems of Toronto and has moved on to debating trivialities. Yesterday, it debated (again) whether we should have a tax on plastic bags, but decided to ban them altogether. Obviously, the serious work of running a city has been completed, and Council is just tidying up before disbanding to join us in the eternal crime-free parade of happy children, librarians and unicorns winding its way through the roads-turned-bike lanes.

Frances Nunziata, bless her heart, voted against the 5¢ bag tax and was on the winning side. She also voted against the ban on plastic bags, but lost. Council voted to scrap the tax before banning bags next year.

Rob Ford said the first sensible thing of his tenure as Mayor: the ban “doesn’t make any sense” and was “ludicrous”. Satan put on a sweater.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Hell freezes; City Council finishes business–forever”

  1. The bag fee was a sensible policy. It discouraged bag use but allowed people to get a few for practical uses at little cost. Councillors like Nunziata shouldn’t have messed around with it. There was no good reason to scrap the fee except to not upset Rob Ford.

  2. Well I am against any fee or ban on plastic retail bags. It is ridiculous. How about banning giant Hummers and SUVs off city streets? Are they bad for the environment? Those reusable bags they are from CHINA! How much oil and energy does it take to ship those things from China?. There’s always a catch 22 when comes to protecting the environment. I am totally support Ford and Frances on this issue. I certainly will do my shopping more in Vaughan.. This council is out of control from giving us dumb ideas like streetcars then this.

  3. Toronto is not the first City to ban plastic bags, and many other cities will follow, including Vaughan. Maybe banning of the plastic bags will help keep Weston Rd a little cleaner. So I say ban the plastic bags!

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