High praise for Nunziata

Frances Nunziata got some high praise from the retiring Auditor General of Toronto, Jeff Griffiths.

When I asked him who on council most supported him over the years, he named Doug Holyday, Mike Del Grande, Frances Nunziata, Brian Ashton, Jane Pitfield, Michael Walker and most recently, Josh Matlow. He couldn’t name any others, which in itself is very telling.

“I’m so angry that he’s leaving,” says Nunziata. “He’s one of the best employees we have at the city … We do owe him a lot.”

Griffiths worked for 16 years as Auditor General and was responsible for finding fraud and waste in municipal government. This year, among other areas, AG department has overseen the Pan Am Games (doing fine), Toronto Community Housing (not so much), and telephone equipment at City Hall (a total mess).

In the interview with Levy, is quite spare with his praise for City Hall politicians.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.