HJ Alexander a bright spot among Weston schools

HJ Alexander, the elementary school at King and George Sts is a super school. It stands apart from most of the schools in Weston, which are struggling.

HJ grade 3 students did better than the provincial and city averages in reading and writing; 71% of students met the provincial reading standards at HJ, while only 65% of the province as a whole did. The results in writing were fantastic: 86% of HJ students could pass the test, compared to 73% of the province.

In math, however, things were not so bright. HJ students fell behind their city and provincial peers. 64% of the school met the standard, but 69% of the province and 70% of the board did.

HJ has always done very well. HJ students have been better than their peers for four of the past five years in every category. (In 2007–8, they were not). This year, in fact, is a bit of an off year—the scores are down or even in all three categories, and below par in one.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.