Hot-spot pop-ups off to a rough start

The hot-spot vaccination programs may be off to a rough start, according to The Star.

Many residents in a Toronto Community Housing building on Weston Road opened their doors Friday morning, surprised to see two Humber River Hospital staff in yellow protective gear, face shields, masks and blue gloves, accompanied by a table filled with COVID-19 vaccines


“I honestly do not think that enough focus has been placed on people’s health, instead of what has been placed on (the) economy,” said 80-year-old Tidy Francis, who rushed to the doorway and yelled in the hallway to medical staff asking if he could get the vaccine. Francis said he wasn’t informed until the last minute and didn’t have the opportunity to register when outreach workers went door-to-door to sign up tenants for the vaccine.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.