How much is the UPX losing? $122,000 a day.

A detail from Adrian Morrow allows us to estimate with accuracy the least amount of money the UP Express is losing. It’s a lot: $122,000 a day, or $45,700,000 a year—and that is a very conservative estimate.

Morrow says that the train costs $68,000,000 a year to run, and we know that about 803,000 people take it a year. If each passenger pays the full fare, $29¹, then the train generates $23,287,000 in revenue every year. Subtract the latter from the former, and you get a $45,649,000 loss.

That means that moving each passenger costs the province about $56.

¹ This is the conservative part: many people use the discounted Presto fare. Some people do not take it all the way to Pearson; others do not start at Union.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “How much is the UPX losing? $122,000 a day.”

  1. Holy shit is right and that’s what we all suffered through construction of AND paid for, as it continues to cost the province. Oh please.

  2. Suffered through construction? Really…..whin dine pass the cheese. Its more about poor planning and wasted dollars as the politicians and Metrolink point fingers at each other.

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