HRRH sale hits a snag

Frances Nunziata posted some really interesting information to her email circular earlier this week. The Humber River Regional Hospital remains unable to sell the old building, which will be empty starting in October. The building is unsellable because of the termsof an old deed.

This first became a problem a year ago when residents brought up the Trimbee’s deed at a meeting with hospital administrators. The Trimbees said that the land must be used for a hospital and, according to Frances Nunziata’s circular, if it is no longer needed, it must be “first offered for sale to the City for a minimal cost.”

Nunziata says “I have had ongoing meetings with the Mayor and senior management to discuss any opportunities the City may have to use the site.”

The issue will first go to the courts. The HRRH wants the hospital to be sold free and clear. The city’s lawyers will be arguing that we are entitled to the land.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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