HRRH no longer the abbatoir it once was

Is it good news when things aren’t as bad as they once were? If so, then we have some good news!

In 2007, Humber River Regional Hospital was one of the most dangerous hospitals in the country. It had the second worst mortality rate in Canada; the hospital even refused to release their numbers in 2007, the year it performed the worst. It was eventually forced to, and the results were quite shocking: 36% more people were dying there than were expected to. (Interesting trivia: George Smitherman, the Minister of Health at the time, and the person who forced them to release their data, was born at the HRRH Church Street site).

Since then, however, things have got better—much better. Their mortality rate has continued to improve every year, and this year, the HRRH is quite safe. Its mortality rate is 7% below average.¹


¹ My father is an epidemiologist. He would have a heart attack (hopefully at Mississauga’s Credit Valley Hospital, the best) if he saw me using stats like this. It’s complicated. It’s close enough, though.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “HRRH no longer the abbatoir it once was”

  1. Why is it the HRRH won’t release the latest in-hospital rates?
    When you refer to “this year” it was not 2012 but it was 2011’s figures.
    So I wonder what 2012 and 2013’s figures are???

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