Huge development planned at No Frills in Mt Dennis

Choice Properties REIT is planning a very large development at the No Frills in Mount Dennis near Black Creek Drive. It is to include a building that will be, by far, the tallest in Mount Dennis, at 49 storeys.

The proposed development includes seven towers, from 20–49 storeys, “as well as a new public street, a new private street and a privately owned publicly accessible space (POPS)”. In all, 2,356 new homes are planned.

The planners say that a grocery store will remain on site.

I’m not a planner, but this is, in my view, the kind of development we can bear: close to transit and the highway, high density but not on residential streets.

It is, however, a pity that the still-new York Rec wasn’t built larger, since it’s already always busy, and this is across the street.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Huge development planned at No Frills in Mt Dennis”

  1. Anyone worried about increased flooding south of the development and sewage dumping into the creek?

  2. I’m very much in favour of sustainable development – That said, there’s a lot that’s unknown about the sustainability at this time.

    In a broader sense, flood plain management needs to be carefully considered (usually not an individual developer consideration but can be added as a condition)

    From past experience, important things to watch out for when negotiating with the developer –
    1. Local infrastructure – 2,356 homes equates to about 7,000 new residents in extremely high density. This creates issues around water supply, utility supply, public transit, traffic, schools and streetscape.

    2. Net Contribution to Greenspace
    a) POP greenspace can sometimes mean (public at first but subsequently gated off communities)
    b) Sometimes, there’s a “shell game” played where existing park space is ceded to the developer and then “given” back to the community as if it were an offset.

    Not suggesting that this is the case here… On the contrary, Choice Properties has a solid reputation for responsible development.

    But development of this magnitude is a negotiated process that works best when ALL stakeholders participate.

    On a related note: Even though many (but not all) development issues devolve to the Municipal and Provincial level… A Federal MP is very much a stakeholder in this regard. I think she’d make sure that she was fully briefed on this at every stage..

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