‘The Humber’ building changes style again

‘The Humber’ is planned as an affordable apartment building that is scheduled to ‘launch’ on Wilby Crescent by winter 2018. Its incarnation a few years ago was a rather attractive Frank Lloyd Wright style building. That failed to get off the ground thanks to low demand.

Sadly, the new version is a taller, less attractive building. Read all about it here.

8 thoughts on “‘The Humber’ building changes style again”

    1. Hi – this is Mary from Options for Homes. I would be more than happy to tell you why I’m so proud to work at Options for Homes and why I think this new building will be a positive addition to your neighbourhood. Please reach out directly at [email protected]. In the meantime, it’s helpful to understand two things:

      1) We make home ownership affordable, not “affordable housing” (in the way that I think you’re referring to) Over the past 24 years we’ve often been at the forefront of the revitalization of neighbourhoods (eg. Distillery District, The Junction). We help middle-income Canadians (HHI 40-90K) with down payment support to accelerate home ownership dreams and ensure we combine that with the lowest maintenance fees in the city (about .46 a square foot presently).

      2) The changes to the design are a function of increasing construction costs (due to demand) and development charges that have more than doubled in the time it’s taken to get the project approved by the city. We agree that it was lovely and we’re very proud of the new design as well.

      We’re also proud of this video that shows many of our buildings and you can judge four yourself if this is what you think of when you think “affordable housing”


      1. We don’t need more apartment buildings in Weston. Unless your planning on building luxury units, we do not need more apartments in Weston. We have plenty, and there are plenty of rentals and apartment/condo units for sale that are “affordably priced”.

        1. I respectfully disagree.

          The units you are referring to may be “affordably priced” but that doesn’t make it affordable home ownership given the down payment requirements. Options for homes works with Deltera (Tridel’s construction arm) to build high quality affordable condos, Weston has the potential of becoming a mobility hub so I would argue you need more “quality” apartments/condos in the area — frankly, anything that would enable greater mobility.

          Luxury units wouldn’t sell in Weston right now — not to say they won’t ever sell — but the area is ripe for revitalization. The development Options for homes is proposing will be a stepping stone in the right direction.

          1. Area has been ripe for revitalization for 25 years and missed the biggest housing boom Toronto has ever seen. Weston has always had a GO Station – don’t forget the mobility hub everyone thought would be great for Weston is headed down to Mount Dennis. An area can’t be revitalized with poor planning and put a building here and a building there…..no one has addressed the sorry state of Weston Rd, the lack of services, jobs etc…no major daycare centre, just average schools, no community centre (Pelmo isn’t really a full community centre) etc… the developers win only. There is a reason why the banks closed up, businesses are closing up and selling out to developers……..

  1. With luck, maybe this will fail as well, and the jungle of high rises won’t happen. Any chance? Or is this just more development madness?

    1. @reality

      I share your sentiment that an area cannot be revitalized with poor planning — and it’s unfortunate Weston has average schools, no community centre, and multiple bank closures in the last few months. That being said, I don’t think this is a neighborhood to be written off for the following reasons:

      — GO electrification [frequency of trains expected to double in 2024]
      — UP express/GO link to Mount Dennis station [expected 2022]
      — Artscape cultural hub development
      — Toronto-Waterloo corridor development [Weston would be a key station]

      At the root cause, for the area to revitalize, people have to want to live at Weston. This is arguably a chicken and egg problem that leads back to poor urban planning — but introducing quality developments will increase home ownership and give the community a larger voice in demanding better urban amenities and cultural niches.

      I don’t think Weston has a large enough voice to demand amenities that could serve higher income households [i.e. stabucks lulz] which is part of the reason the neighborhood has been neglected. With increasing levels of downtown congestion, there aren’t a lot of places in Toronto left for affordable housing — and I think that will be a factor in Weston’s growth. To demand better planning, Weston needs more people who care.

      Also, in the long term housing prices always go up. Central banks want inflation and will do everything in their power to get it =)

      #quantitative easing

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