Humber River Hospital dangerous

The Star has an article today on the Humber River Regional Hospital, which the nurses’ union says is “dangerous”.

The Ontario Nurses Association says the HRRH is a

dangerous [place] for those seeking care.

A full year after an expert panel made 40 recommendations to improve patient care and safety at Humber River Hospital’s emergency departments, the hospital continues to fail to take action. Patients and staff remain at risk because of understaffing, inadequate infection control and escalating violence.

“It’s outrageous that patients continue to be subjected to the conditions at the Church Street and Finch Avenue ERs of Humber River Hospital,” says ONA President Linda


The ONA says that the hospital has been replacing well paid RNs with registered practical nurses (RPNs) who make much less.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Humber River Hospital dangerous”

  1. This is shocking, and the money saved on proper staffing has probably financed the billboard campaign “where you’re not a number” for the new hospital.
    Where is the oversight for this system? Infection, violence … .?

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