Hussen in hot water again

Ahmed Hussen, our MP and the Minister of Immigration, is in hot water again, this time for lying about the Conservative plan to deal with asylum seekers coming to Canada.

Hussen said that the the Conservatives “don’t have a plan. You know what their plan is? To militarize the border and place a CBSA official or a RCMP official every 100 metres” he said. “We don’t have the resources for that kind of half-baked, impractical plan.” He went on to say “I hope they can bring concrete, reasonable proposals to the table.”

Almost none of what he said is true. The Conservatives do not have a plan to militarize the border. They want to renegotiate the Safe Third Country Agreement, which has a glaring loophole.

Michelle Rempel, the Immigration critic, said,

“I am extremely disgusted by the desperate attack against our responsible plan to secure the border from Justin Trudeau’s Immigration Minister today. Rather than solve the problem they have created, the Liberals are determined to direct attention on anything but their failures to solve this crisis.

In the past, Hussen has called his critics “un-Canadian” and has long been needlessly combative.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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