Hussen profile in Macleans

Macleans has a very flattering profile of our MP, Ahmed Hussen.

From Macleans

It’s virtually impossible to imagine a way in which the 40-year-old could be better suited to the cabinet job he now holds. He came to Canada fleeing the Somali civil war, and subsequently lived in Regent Park, a once-troubled and isolated downtown Toronto public housing project he would help rejuvenate and repatriate to the residents when redevelopment came calling. Later, he opened a law practice focusing on immigration law and criminal cases, particularly for young offenders.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Hussen profile in Macleans”

  1. Obviously the reporter has never heard the man respond to direct questions. Or read Weston Web on our representative. But the party line came through: PR works.

  2. So Hussen hems and haws at every turn but why the surprise over his behavior? It’s taqiyya in full bloom. The man is deeply conflicted by serving two masters.

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