Hussen promoted to Cabinet

Ahmed Hussen speaking in Parliament. Screen shot from YouTube.

In a cabinet shuffle announced today, newly minted MP Ahmed Hussen has been promoted to Immigration Minister and becomes the first black and Somali-Canadian member of the Trudeau cabinet. Hussen will take the place of John McCallum who has been appointed Ambassador to China.

Hussen came to Canada from Mogadishu as a 16 year-old and later managed to put himself through York University, earning a B.A. He worked in provincial politics before standing in the 2015 general election for the Liberals.

As a rookie MP, his rise to cabinet has been meteoric by any standards. York South Weston is already represented by influential representatives; the Speaker of Toronto Council, Frances Nunziata and the provincial Minister of Citizenship, Laura Albanese. Let’s hope this increased power and influence translates into some positive results for York South-Weston.

CBC has the full story here.

5 thoughts on “Hussen promoted to Cabinet”

  1. Seems like Weston gets folks into power that do nothing for us…..Liberals in power for a very long long time at all levels of government and have any attracted any new businesses, new developments, to our community??? ANYTHING????

  2. Nothing. Hussen is perfect for this position, expert at doing nothing, unless it’s a photo-op. Proud Liberal tradition.

    1. You got that right. Anyone notice his 2016 Holiday card to the people in his riding? All photos and little text. And the text was about absolutely nothing. We’ve got no support for our community.

  3. Horribly disappointing. Hussen will now be ‘too busy’ to really do anything for the riding (not like he way before). Instead of getting a strong advocate for local issues, we get an empty suit.

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