Hussen wins

Ahmed Hussen, the Liberal incumbent, cruised to an easy victory last night in the federal election. He received more votes than the rest of the candidates combined.

As always, voters were swayed by party leadership and national trends. The Conservative candidate, Sajanth Mohan, received more votes than the NDP candidate, Hawa Mire. I hadn’t heard of Mohan before the election (and didn’t see him during it), while Mire had built a campaign for months before the writ.

The PPC candidate received 5% of the vote, in line with national numbers. Nicki Ward, the Green candidate, came in last, with 2%.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Hussen wins”

  1. “..Isn’t open to others, like the rest of Canada?”

    Not sure what that means. (?)
    (Or, it’s a typo)

    Anyway, same old same old way of voting – here, there & everywhere.

    Let’s see if our “incumbent” comes up with something more for his constituents – other than just a dubious “loan” for families, in this next 4 years.

    We should be at the top of his “list”! (And then, and we wouldn’t need militant, NDP types agitating & pushing for dramatic change. Scary bunch, much like that PPC group.)

    4 years?

    Will the ego driven drama teacher, Trudeau see that “lengthy” term through or roll the dice, again.

  2. Very predicable. Sounds like this guy just sat in his armchair in his house (I heard its in 905?) and just let his volunteers (which one of them was banging on my mothers door 7pm like crazy person) and his campaign signs do the job. No debate nothing…just easy way to 6 figure salary and pension. Lucky him

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