Huzzah! St John gets money for new school

St John the Evangelist now has the money for a replacement school! The super-duper fantastic announcement was made by Laura Albanese today. The province will be giving an additional $5 million, bringing the total to $11.5 million.

St John has been looking for a new school for several years. The present school is outrageously overcrowded, and the entire school has had to relocate near downtown to get away from the construction on the train lines. Staff and volunteers had been lobbying for quick approval of a new school so that it could be built while the train construction is ongoing; in the past, enough money had been announced for only an addition.

Dave Bennett, a vocal proponent of a new school and Chair of the School Advisory Council, said,

What a great day for families in Weston!

St. John the Evangelist Elementary School has received $5M of additional funding to replace our overcrowded school. This funding will allow our children to return to real classrooms (not portables), and to possible grass in the playground.

Dave Bennett, Lorretta Notten, Father Michael, Angelo Sangiorgio, Laura Albanese, Frances Nunziata, Frank D’Amico, Sal Piccininni, Stephen Lipskus, Michael Femia. Photo from Andrew Sullivan.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Huzzah! St John gets money for new school”

  1. I’m surprised there aren’t any comments under this story! It seems a lot of your readers make time for negative commentary but this- this is GREAT NEWS! People should be really happy about this.

  2. This is fantastic news but I think it may have shocked many into silence. No one thought that this would come through so quickly and without as much fuss as they thought would be required.

    Congratulations St. John!

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