I’m too old. And tired.

A local sleuth discovered the source of the late-night music that disrupted the neighbourhood last weekend: it was “Summer Slamm” [sic] being held at the old Days Inn on Wilson, now portentously called the Wilson Avenue Arena. It was a concert sponsored by the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Festival.

The next evening, police cracked down on the event and shut it down early. Paying customers were angry. One Facebook commenter said:

“Deleting the negative comments isn’t going to help, Summer Slammm. The event was shut down at 145 before any performers showed up and the bar was open from only twelve to one. We were told to go home and offered no explanations or refunds…. You’re making Caribana look unorganized and illegal.” [sics all over the place]


Your humble correspondent will not be organizing a refund drive for those deprived of their evening’s entertainment.

summer slamm

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

9 thoughts on “I’m too old. And tired.”

  1. wow I could hear that music from Pelmo Park area and I couldn’t fell sleep until 4am that Fri night and I was dead tired. My friend who lives near Lawrence heard it there too! I was very close to calling the cops myself. Then I heard the same loud music the next night then it stop around midnight thank goodness. My neighhour said it was the techo concert at Downsview but I couldn’t believe that loud music came all way there..thanks for reporting from where that loud music came from that disrupted whole Weston!

  2. I don’t impose my music on others and in return I don’t want someone to impose their loud music on me – plain and simple! Like most people, I want peace and quiet at night from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am as specified by the law.

  3. Mrs. T, the noise bylaw for music from an event or club is actually 11pm. Hope you aren’t teaching my child if you won’t do simple research.

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