In Touch retirement home back in the news

A coroner’s investigation of the In Touch retirement home in Weston has determined that the recent deaths there were not a result of neglect or abuse, even though a Toronto Star investigation last year found residents “residents left in diapers for hours or on the floor where they fell.”

The coroner’s report, according to the Star, has found that four questionable deaths at the In Touch retirement home were not a result of the awful conditions:

Released yesterday, the coroner’s report found the first three deaths due to “natural disease processes,” caused by the following:

Henderson died of complications from C-difficile, due to antibiotics for pneumonia. C-difficile is a highly infectious bacteria that kills many elderly residents of nursing homes, retirement homes or hospitals.

Farrell suffered from advanced dementia which hampered her ability to eat.

Dineno suffered from acute diarrhea and likely from ischemic colitis, which involves inflammation of the bowels.

And Vachon’s choking death was deemed accidental.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.