Interesting assessment of Toronto Council

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Political blogger Neville Park has created a chart of Toronto’s current council and has sorted members into a matrix of four attributes; Progressive (good)/ Conservative (evil) and Lawful / Chaotic. If your political leanings go the other way, simply switch the good and evil terms.

Interestingly our own councillor has been classified by Ms. Park as Chaotic / Evil and is lumped in with some kindred spirits in the bottom right. She states that Ms. Nunziata started the term off well but has, “…since backslid into ‘peevish substitute teacher’ mode”.

Park tells councillors who object to their placement to, “…vote and act differently”.

Read her placement rationales here.

3 thoughts on “Interesting assessment of Toronto Council”

  1. Yeah, fascinating.

    (Pardon me, while I look into who this Neville Park fellow is. And, why he’s the “apple of your eye”, de jour. Let’s see if Mr. Fingerpointer is on the straight & narrow. This should be good.)

  2. Well, that was an fun & interesting search.

    If you too wondered about, “Neville Park”
    (and no, not the eastern most point on the TTC’s Queen Streetcar line), but had way more important things to do with your time, like watch the Leafs, this may help a little.

    According to a well written Globe & Mail piece (from Apr.’12 and updated Mar.’17) from the seasoned, well travelled and award winning journalist, Marcus Gee titled, “City Hall critics of a feather tweet together” it is there that you’re introduced to this person, “Neville Park” and her like-minded group of friends who call themselves, The Scoobies.

    “Neville Park” is a young, thirty something woman from Parkdale – who along with a group of self described nerdy, (mid-town) friends often attend council meetings at City Hall – originally motivated to view the proceedings when the late and former mayor, Rob Ford was shaking up this town.

    If you need more on “Neville Park” and her crew’s motivation, search for Marcus Gee’s finely written piece in Globe & Mail – dates, as noted above.

    It’s good stuff.
    (And, it may explain some of the chart’s creativity, a little.)

    I can’t help but wonder..

    If Ford nation were to saddle up & ride again, will some of those Scoobies move up the road to the legislature and cover the inevitable shenanigans at Queens Park?

    Hope so.

    (And hey, Scoobies – added bonus..’d be closer to your favourite watering hole. )

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