Interesting house for sale

49 Church Street. From Zoocasa

We’ve all seen this house, uncomfortably close to the CP tracks with a fascinating Grand Trunk Railway, Weston Station mural on the side. The image by Michele Van Maurik, is now showing its age, having withstood the elements for over 20 years by the tracks at 49 Church Street. The house is advertised on various agents’ sites but the most complete set of images seems to be on Zoocasa.

Because of the lack of details on the house itself, I assume that the value is in the site. The 73 x 165-foot lot has its longer side along the tracks.

Looking north alongside the tracks. From Zoocasa.

It’s advertised at $499,000.

Update: Thanks to a reader who comments that the house next door at 51 Church Street is also for sale. It’s being offered at $599,000. This would combine to give a lot measuring 99 x 155 feet (approximately).

8 thoughts on “Interesting house for sale”

  1. The one beside this is also for sale. Hopefully a developer can come in and buy both and make good with some town homes or low rise housing.

    1. Thanks for the tip. That will make a 99 foot wide lot by about 155 along the tracks.

    1. Brew pub is a great idea for that location. I could really integrate well into the community.

  2. Good wall mural, for sure.

    The building(s) however and oddly enough, might just very well suit a commercial group – like a craft brewery.

    If memory serves (and perhaps someone from the Weston Historical Society may know best) this was a “store” front office – for some type of trade, like a plumbing group.

    The same (I think) for the building beside it – very much business related.

    Plus, there was also a full service BP gas station & garage on the corner of Church & Rosemount serving the area, too.

    But, right across the road from the “Grand Trunk” building was the site of a large trucking company called Woods Trucking. And, they neighboured the AP Green Brick factory jto the north which was right beside the Canadian Gypsum Co., a drywall manufacturer.

    Anyway, Grand Trunk Brewing – sounds cool.

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