Interesting Mount Dennis article

There’s a fascinating article about Mount Dennis that was published in blog.TO on October 5. The tone of the article is mostly positive with many interesting observations but the comments that follow are equally interesting and reflect the dichotomy of opinions that currently swirl around our close neighbour. Weston itself gets a couple of mentions too.

Rick McGinnis toured through the neighbourhood and extolled its upside potential, saying

the main drag on Weston Road is only gradually shaking itself out of its doldrums and decay. In the meantime, day-trippers to the area can stake their claim to seeing Mount Dennis ‘when it was still dodgy,’ and perhaps shop for more house than they’d find in Parkdale or Leslieville.

He also walked through Weston, complimenting us on our nice houses and excellent fish and chip shop.

But an otherwise generally complimentary and sympathetic article was marred by a startling assumption about crime. McGinnis said:

“Here’s how to spend a day in Mount Dennis, from morning to as late as you feel safe” and “It’s not generally a great idea to be found on Weston Road after the sun goes down”.

Let’s be clear: he is wrong. Mount Dennis is very safe. In fact, it has a lower assault rate than any neighbourhood in the downtown core. It’s safer than U of T, than Bay Street—safer even than Toronto Island.

Read all about it here.