Interesting Twitter exchange between Nunziata and Ferreira.

Longtime local political operative and former York South-Weston MPP, Paul Ferreira had an exchange of views on Twitter a couple of days ago. In a tweet, local Councillor Frances Nunziata claims that for years she has advocated direct TTC service along St Clair Avenue West from Gunns Loop to Scarlett Road.

Here’s the original tweet and the replies:

Did I mention we love elections here at WestonWeb?

2 thoughts on “Interesting Twitter exchange between Nunziata and Ferreira.”

  1. “Who ya gonna believe? Me or your own eyes?” Says Grouch Marx. Yup. We’ve been listening to our Councillor tell us she’s on our side for many many years, and we’ve also seen the results: more beyond-recommended-height towers, terrible construction congestion, unsafe pedestrian access along Weston Rd., inadequate services, starved TTC, a hole blacking one lane at Weston and Lawrence (marked by a single orange cone) for weeks … why does this happen in our ward?

    There’s one reason: the Nunziata machine can churn out votes without acting to benefit this neighbourhood. Deny this all you like, but I’m believing my own eyes.

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