Interview with GG award nominee

The Mount Dennis Residents’ Association interviewed Governor General award nominee Donna-Michelle St Bernard in the 12 edition of its newsletter. 

St Bernard’s play A Man A Fish is about Prosper, a Burundian fisherman who meets an eel salesman. The salesman promises to ‘improve’ the local lake by stocking it with eels, leaving Prosper at his mercy.

Asked what attracted her to our area, she says she is now writing full time and finds it helps her focus to be away from the “festive and convenient madness” of downtown’s arts scene! Her friends say she has changed now she lives “north of Bloor and so far, far away”, but DM says she “needs community with a looser weave” and finds it here with our “broader diversity of people”.

A Man A Fish was a finalist, but lost to Pig Girl.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.