Is the CBSA doing random street checks in Weston?

A Reddit user reported last week that her father had been stopped by border officials after he bought cigarettes in Weston.  Two officers approached him, she says, and asked for his identification. According to her, they questioned other people and detained a woman.

Other Reddit users concluded that this was likely an identity theft scam, or, perhaps, alt-right nutjobs doing vigilante ‘policing’—but CityTV reported this week that Canadian Border Services officials were in Weston.

 CityNews confirmed with [the] Canadian Border Services Agency that immigration officers were in the area of Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue on Monday, though they would not tell us what they were doing there or whether they interacted with people.

In a statement, a spokesperson told CityNews, “The CBSA does not publicly discuss ongoing investigations or provide information relating to investigative techniques or plans for specific lawful investigations.”

Hours later, a second email added, “The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) does not conduct random street checks.”



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

10 thoughts on “Is the CBSA doing random street checks in Weston?”

  1. I suspect alt-rights…. its a perfect fascist ploy. Be vigilant people, and stand together.

    1. Please read our policy. If it wouldn’t be welcome at my house, it isn’t welcome on my post. If you want your own site, I’ll help you set one up. But this one is mine, not yours.

  2. My comment did not warrant removal and it would certainly have been welcome at a dinner party. I simply expressed that I support the CBSA and welcome any inspections they may conduct, especially in Weston. We are all allowed a point of view. RELAX

  3. Sadly, every aspect of daily life has become incredibly polarized – with extreme views at both ends digging in and then clamouring for the high ground, by hook or by crook.

    And, this report & reaction demonstrates it.

    It may not be the case moment by moment for many of us..
    but playing by the rules & fairness is still worth striving for – law & order.

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