Is Weston Public Library built with “blood money”?

The Toronto Star has a piece on the history of the Carnegie libraries, including the Weston Public Library, which were built with funds from a robber baron.

“That’s why you don’t really see Carnegie’s name on a lot of the libraries. The agreement was, ‘We’ll take his money but we won’t put his name up,’” said Woodstock Public Library chief executive officer David Harvie, whose library is one of the most architecturally stunning examples of the genre.

Weston’s Carnegie Library that was saved from demolition.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Is Weston Public Library built with “blood money”?”

  1. best gift weston got….didn’t have to sell out to a developer or build a monster 30 storey tower.

  2. I suppose the Pittsburgh based Scottish steel baron could have spread that “blood money” around elsewhere to make himself feel better, right?

    But, as it turns out somehow the Village of Weston was pretty lucky to have been considered a beneficiary way back in the day.

    As it stands, the library is one of the finest architectural buildings around – even with that newer and complimentary “modern” addition.

    And, was that steel baron’s “donation” back then any different from donations now from former oil baron types like the Rockefellers and their feel good wing, The Rockefeller Foundation – who ironically donate funds toward climate change warriors?

    The patriarch who headed that family and created Standard Oil (which became Exxon, Chevron, etc., these days) was been considered the richest oil man, EVER.

    And so, imagine how rude, crude & bloody that industry was back in the day.

    Apparently today, this current generation of Rockefellers (6th) and their philanthropic efforts help assist young activists like David Suzuki’s daughter, Greta Thunberg & others, up here in Canada. (?)

    But oddly, it’s been suggested that their benevolent enthusiasm is not quite the same down there in the States – where this oil rich family made it’s mark and still has holdings, evidently.

    Anyway, there’s probably always a story when you’re dealing in huge dollars and the “public” interest.

    Funny how that goes, eh?

    (Good article, though. Thx.)

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