It wasn’t a close one

Contrary to pundits‘ polling, it wasn’t even close in York South–Weston. Ahmed Hussen won in a landslide, with much more than half the vote. The other candidates trailed far behind, none getting more than 19%.

The results must be particularly upsetting for Yafet Tewelde, who ran a strong campaign. He was shellacked by Hussen and barely eked out a lead against a lackluster Conservative parachute candidate.

Perhaps we are seeing demographic change in the riding and we are moving rightward. In the past, the York South–Weston has voted NDP or Liberal, but in this and the provincial election, the conservative candidates did reasonably well. Rattan tied Tewelde despite her lack of experience, poor debate performance, and absence in the community. Before her, PC Mark DeMontis received a strong second-place finish in the provincial election.

On the fringes, Gerard Racine did dismally, with 1.7% of the vote. Nicki Ward fared hardly any better; despite a strong debate and considerable charisma, she received only 3.6% of the vote.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “It wasn’t a close one”

  1. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the candidates – there are very few of us voters who pay that much attention.

    My read is that Yafet was a victim of strategic voting. Many voters have felt hardship thanks to Doug Ford, so voting Liberal (and backing an incumbent) offered the best odds for preventing the possibility of PM Scheer. No doubt, Nunziata likely cracked the whip within her support network.

    Will be interesting to see what happens next. Will the Liberals extend an olive branch towards the NDP for a formal coalition, or will they approach minority gov’t Harper style (almost daring for dissolution). Most likely, Singh will back Libs, so long as some aspects of his 6 priorities are included. I’d love to be surprised, but unlikely NDP will demand electoral reform.

    Definitely curious if Hussen will continue in cabinet, and if he will be shuffled. His performance was “meh”, but he was elected by a large margin that could lead to a reward. With blackface in the air, having as much colour in cabinet would make sense.

  2. Ahmed Hussen has done nothing but be a Liberal, and blame everyone else for everything.

    We need much more.

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