It’s back to Ward 11 – for now.

From the Toronto Star.

Premier Doug Ford’s surprise re-alignment of city wards from 47 to 25 seats has been kicked into touch by a Superior Court judge this morning after a challenge by a group of concerned citizens. The judge cited the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and called  his legislation unconstitutional. He made it clear that Ford’s actions were unjustifiable. No doubt Mr. Ford will be railing at ‘elite’ judges this morning but he now finds himself in a serious quagmire with his latest legal setback. If he doesn’t appeal, there’s just enough time for the election to go ahead with 47 seats instead of Ford’s 25 that would have matched provincial ridings. These 47 seats were the result of much consultation and expense to better reflect increased populations in the downtown core. The 47 seat count is likely to produce several more left-wing councillors as downtowners tend to vote in that direction.

If Ford appeals, either the October 22 poll date will have to be delayed – a decision will take weeks – or we’ll keep the original date and hold a 25-seat election. Either way, an appeal will be a disruptive and constitutionally risky event.

What’s a premier to do? My guess is that he will forego the appeal but ask his lawyers to look for ways to sideline Council’s future decisions. One idea already floated is to expropriate important City assets such as our subway system.

Locally, Ward 11 Councillor Frances Nunziata will not be facing Ward 12’s Frank Di Giorgio and Ms. Nunziata’s main challenger, Chiara Padovani will now be able to focus her finances and resources on our section of York South-Weston.  On the other side of the water, in Greater Weston™, it’s back to being in Ward 2, most likely represented by (barring an apocalyctic event)  Premier Ford’s nephew Mike.

5 thoughts on “It’s back to Ward 11 – for now.”

  1. Invoking the notwithstanding clause.
    Truly the age of fascism has returned.
    To invoke authoritarian rule in the name of democracy is chilling to the bone (much like the recent weather change).

      1. Notwithstanding my above stated concerns, I’m on the fence as to which scenario (47 or 25) would increase the chances of getting rid of “the way past expiry date” Nunziata.

        My “Game of Thrones” understanding is that Nunziata bends the knee to Tory (a knee that once bent to the Fords), while Di Giorgio bends the knee to the Fords. My preference would be a fresh candidate that bends the knee to the people.

        While there certainly is benefit in having 2 incumbents battling it out and splitting the vote of the right, there is also an increase in new blood challengers. Without party affiliation to fall back on, name recognition is a huge advantage. As such, the battle of 2 incumbents could very much drown out the efforts of other candidates.

  2. Yeah, Premier Dougie is bound and determined to prove a point, isn’t he.

    A point that might not be that far fetched. (Again, why can’t we have an equal number of reps per well defined area – federally, provincially and municipally???)

    However, it’s agreed – timing is everything and one needs more patience when dealing with issues democratically.

    Notwithstanding notwithstanding – should he & his right-of-centre pals craft this out over his four year term, in fairness?

    Incidentally, if we have fewer higher paid councillors, might those remaining councillors not need an extra body or two in their offices, who would be paid handsomely – but not as much as a councillor?

    Gotta believe some PoliSci grads could use some work, no?

    Anyway, fire away!

    1. Methinks the point he is making is based on fear-mongering rhetoric that can cause more harm than good. It is dangerouslky child-like to suggest that only special interests or SJW’s oppose his political will.

      As you mentioned – the main issue is timing. Personally, I’m all for streamligning the boundaries of all 3 levels of government. My guess would be that the majority of Torontonians could not identify the ward # that they live in (as has been the case for myself for many years).

      Doing as he is doing, he strikes me as a sad dude of yester-year who insists that his manhood requires immediate servicing, where he gives zero care towards the recipient of his most undesired flacidness.

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