It’s gonna be a close one.

It’s likely that Ahmed Hussen was reflecting on his spectacular political career at this week’s debate. After all, Weston Collegiate Institute was the building where he seemingly came out of nowhere to win the Liberal nomination back in December 2014. He won the seat in 2015 (the first Somali-Canadian to be elected to parliament) and was appointed Minister of Immigration in 2017. Mr Hussen could well have been wondering if the circle was complete or if he can win another four-year term as Member of Parliament for York South-Weston.

There’s a website called that uses polling data to prognosticate on elections. They have made a prediction on the outcome of York South-Weston’s tussle for the federal seat currently occupied by Mr. Hussen. Their four-point prediction scale ranges from ‘toss up’, ‘leaning’, ‘likely’ to ‘safe seat’. Readers may remember that Toronto went totally Liberal in the Big Red Wave of 2015. Times have changed and now only five of Toronto’s Liberal seats are considered safe. Four Toronto seats are thought by 338canada to be (merely) leaning Liberal and YSW is one of them. The latest prediction may be based on data that is a few days old and with the ongoing surge of the NDP in the polls, contender Yafet Tewelde (with a back story no less compelling) may be inching ahead enough to have a shot at unseating the incumbent. Incidentally, the predecessor to ( correctly predicted a strong win for Hussen in early 2015, well before the election was called.

You can bet as time ticks away today and tomorrow, the Liberal and NDP campaigns will be frantically redoubling their efforts.

Incidentally, other candidates in the running are Jasveen Rattan (Conservative), Nicki Ward (Green) and Gerard Racine (Peoples Party of Canada).

Find the 338canada Toronto predictions here.

Find the Elections Canada voter’s checklist here.

3 thoughts on “It’s gonna be a close one.”

  1. Wow!
    If remotely true, we’re about to “paint the town red!”, again.
    (And, what shade is that in our Crayola box – “deficit red”?)

    No matter.
    Beautiful autumn colours.

    I wonder if these kinds of polls help the undecided voter choose the “winning horse” in a race, which inevitably brings on that ol’ feel good “buzz” when you’ve picked a winner. (Only to have it wear off shortly afterward, and then have you searching for your next fix.)

    Come on, let’s get crazy – green’s a more traditional “hopeful” colour, isn’t it? And, don’t worry about the wack-a-doodle nature of Ms. May & her Salt Spring Island pals. Imagine the “Big odds, big payoff buzz!” (Insert winking, smiley face here.)

    Anyway, not too surprised – the same old, same old coming our way, perhaps allowing our thespian Prime Minister to improve on his performance skills for a little while longer.

    Thanks for the report, Roy.
    Good to know.

    (p.s. Come to think of it, was kind of wondering where you were, of late. Resting up for the big day, I trust.)

    1. Thanks Anon. The big day already happened on October 1 and after a couple of weeks of TLC and recovery at home I have been released back into the wild. The operation was a success and next week they’ll tell me more about my prognosis.
      I’m working on a follow-up article outlining the operation and recovery process.

  2. Glad to hear, Roy.
    Hang tough, Sir.

    And, in the words of Neil Young,
    “..long may you run..”.

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