It’s spring!

It seems to have taken forever and we’ve kept our heavy coats close to hand but spring has arrived after what seemed like the longest winter ever known. This past winter was a travel agent’s dream but now, parks are bursting with people and nature is putting on a show. Here are some photos taken in Lions Park this week.

A family walks through Lions Park.
A family walks through Lions Park.


The soccer field host football practice.
The soccer field hosts football practice.
Tulips are blooming along James Gove’s walls on Little Avenue.

Lastly, while it’s nice to see nature thriving, some well meaning (but ill-informed) resident has scattered potato chips by the Humber presumably to feed the ducks and other birds that hang out there. Luckily there seemed to be no takers for this junk food. Feeding animals in parks is ill-advised. The City of Toronto asks residents not to feed birds in the parks system.

A Canada Goose wisely ignores junk food.