Jagmeet Singh promises flood relief

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh visited York South-Weston today and heard from local residents about flooding issues in the riding. Accompanying Mr. Singh were many well known NDP faces in the area including MPP, Faisal Hassan, upcoming federal election candidate Yafet Tewelde and local organizer Chiara Padovani who conducted the tour. Mr Singh, an affable and attentive man spent a couple of hours in the area.

The leader walked from Rockcliffe Court to Hilldale Road to hear some of the issues that have not been dealt with despite years of local flooding. The recent sale of 8 acres of city owned flood plain land at 200 Rockcliffe Court exposed some of the less savoury aspects of decision making in our fair city.

The contentious land at 200 Rockcliffe.

The land was sold off to a meat packing plant in spite of residents’ objections. This is an area that routinely floods after a storm and where nearby, in a recent event, two men almost drowned in an elevator as water flooded the building they were in. Read more in this excellent article here.

Chiara Padovani talks about the controversial city decision to sell flood plain land to a meat packer.
Faisal Hassan, Jagmeet Singh and Yafet Tewelde listen to the 200 Rockcliffe story.
Jagmeet Singh and Yafet Tewelde greet Hilldale Road residents.

At Hilldale Road, local resident Franco Ruffolo opened his home to show the extent of flooding he and his neighbours have faced in the past few years. Franco showed some video of the water levels and damage that his property sustained and outlined the inadequate settlements from insurance companies. Residents in the area worry that insurance companies will no longer issue policies on their homes.

Franco Ruffolo shows Jagmeet Singh video of his home flooding.

Jagmeet Sing is proposing that instead of matching funds with the city and province, an NDP government would pay the whole cost of flood remediation work so that homeowners in flood prone areas are better protected and don’t need to wait for all three levels of government to agree. He is promising $2.5 billion to respond to disasters and support communities like York South – Weston to adapt their infrastructure to withstand floods and other extreme weather events.

The tour went off well and made some strong points. Mr. Singh delivered some concluding remarks at the end of his visit and then spoke live to the media.

Local candidate Yafet Tewelde added some remarks.

2 thoughts on “Jagmeet Singh promises flood relief”

  1. Re: the Rockcliffe-Smythe delicate flood plain area

    Andrew Reeves writes,

    (Or to continue living within one!)

    He then continues,
    “For one thing – well, they flood, destroying homes, cars, trees, risking injury and releasing contaminants in local ecosystems.”

    (And, as many across our country and in others are finding quite regularly, water in low lying lands will seek a way to make your life miserable no matter what you do.)

    Sadly, that $2.5 Billion the federal NDP is proposing – may not be enough to service everyone, everywhere who wish to continue living in such zones.

    The flooding around these parts may not be as bad as what happened after Hurricane Hazel visited the Raymore Park land area, in 1954. Or even close to the ongoing disasters & threats to New Orleans, the Red River Valley and now also often, in the Ottawa/Gatineau region.

    But, it’s no less heartbreaking.

    And, as with many of those folks who find monetary support from insurers or regional governments harder to get, it might be time to consider a move to higher ground.

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