Jane and 400 a dangerous intersection for bikes

Jane and the 400 off-ramp is a very dangerous intersection for bikes—the 28th worse intersection in the city in fact—according to data published by a PhD student at the University of Toronto.

Adrian Verster analyzed automobile-bike collisions for all of Toronto and took the amount of traffic into consideration. He says there are a two things that make an intersection dangerous: a turn in the road and a lack of bike lanes. I would add a right turn (drivers are often looking left at a right turn) to that calculation. Jane and the 400 has all three. It’s a crowded intersection, with motorists coming off the 400 in a hurry, and little space for bikes.

This really bums me out. Please, cyclists, let me give you a tip gleaned from long effort: avoid Jane altogether. Take Torbarrie, Wilson and Wendell if you have to leave Weston. It’s hardly a detour at all and quite safe if you are very cautious on Wilson. Speaking of which—anyone know what it takes to get a bikepath built? Wilson would love one.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Jane and 400 a dangerous intersection for bikes”

  1. I am all for more bike lanes Wilson is good idea certainly there’s a lot room for one. I am sick and tired of cyclists using sidewalks..I was almost knock down several times by some of them especially on Lawrence.

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