Jane St station may not be dead

Get out your stamps, warm up your dialing fingers, and start up your computers: the Mt Dennis station of the Eglinton LRT may not be dead.

Last week, the province and the city announced a deal to build the Eglinton LRT underground, but on a far shorter route than had previously been planned. They announced the new route would start at Black Creek and go east, into Scarborough. This plan would leave Weston–Mt Dennis off the subway.

Now it turns out that Metrolinx isn’t so sure. Steve Munro, Toronto’s best transit blogger, has posted details that suggest Metrolinx is still considering building a station in Mt Dennis. The “Memorandum ofUnderstanding” between the Mayor and the province says that the line will run “along Eglinton from Jane Street / Black Creek to Kennedy Station.”

In a follow up email with Munro, Metrolinx said,

The exact terminus for the Eglinton line, which is in the Mt. Dennis area, will be determined through a future additional study due to the vertical and horizontal alignment (how steep the grades can be climbing out of the tunnel and which side of the road we will be on to approach the yard) between Black Creek Drive and Jane Street. The objective is to make the connection to the GO rail corridor.

The difference between Black Creek and Mount Dennis is dramatic. If the line ends at Black Creek, it will do, in your author’s opinion, nothing for our neighbourhood. From Black Creek to Mount Dennis is a steep uphill walk from the middle of nowhere along a busy street . Nobody will enjoy that stroll as part of their commute. A stop in Mount Dennis, on the other hand, would be a huge boon to that beleaguered part of town.

Planning for the Eglinton LRT has been underway for several years, and the hill between Black Creek and Weston Road has been there for substantially longer. The engineering of this stop may have already been considered. Clearly, the politics of it have not.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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