Jennifer Keesmat in Weston

Jennifer Keesmat, mayoral candidate and Toronto’s former city planner, visited Weston this weekend, and hung out with our NDP MPP Faisal Hassan. She also met Chiara Padovani, who hopes to become our city councillor.

Keesmat with Hassan and Padovani

Is this the start of an allegiance? I’m tempted to enquire, but it’s one of those questions I don’t really want an answer to.

Your correspondent has heretofore not been a Keesmat supporter, because he has a long memory and will not forgive her for shoehorning a 29-storey tower into 22 John St, and (incorrectly) papering the decision with the tall building guidelines.

But this is an enchanting possibility: a sharp left turn, a unified front, and a clean break. I’m not yet in favour, but I could be.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Jennifer Keesmat in Weston”

  1. This is the same individual that wants to dump a crap load of rental units in Weston? Um no….I will stick with John Tory

  2. I agree. She’s about one person and that is herself. She wears ambition on her sleeve to a fault.

  3. Weston is a landlords paradise! Charge decent rent rates and the upkeep is not priority because tenants in Weston can’t really afford to move out to better areas of the city. Nunziata and her old-age minions-of-Weston can keep on fighting all proposed residential projects all they want. It won’t last and the flood gate$ will open even further.

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