Jilian Saweczko apologizes for missing last week’s debate

Jilian Saweczko has apologized for missing last week’s all candidates debate. She was asked to do so by the Mount Dennis Residents’ Association, on behalf of the four associations that organized the debate.

The campaign office says, in a somewhat cryptic email, that Saweczko had been informed that the debate was cancelled. Saweczko had Tweeted the correct address and location the same day of the event, however, in an expression of her enthusiasm.

I have asked the office several times who had informed them that the debate was cancelled, and whether Saweczko had been the victim of a dirty trick. They have not answered.

Her email follows.

Yes, Jilian posted on the internet about being excited about the upcoming debates.

Jilian was invited to two debates last Wednesday, one in the afternoon hosted by a high school and one in the evening and then another one this week.

Please accept Jilian Saweczko’s apology for not attending the all-candidates meeting last week. We had no idea that she had missed it…. As noted above, she was scheduled for two debates on April 13th and our office was informed that one was postponed to April 20th and the other cancelled. She arrived at the afternoon one to find out it was rescheduled to the 20th and unfortunately that meant yours had been cancelled based on the information that we had.

Jilian was scheduled to attend the evening event and a handful of volunteers had also planned on attending and Jilian was extremely disappointed that she missed it.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.