Jilian Saweczko misses another debate

Despite just apologizing for missing the all-candidates debate last week, Jilian Saweczko, the Conservative candidate for York South–Weston, skipped a second debate today. This debate was at Weston Collegiate.

A volunteer at Saweczko’s office said, “She had some emergency things planned before the debate. She had other engagements”, but would offer no other details.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Jilian Saweczko misses another debate”

  1. as a citizen of YSW, i am offended that the ruling federal political party has no interest in the political discourse in the riding. if weston were a person, it would surely feel snubbed. the CPC has not only alienated the conservative voters of this riding, but also everyone else who is affected by federal policy made and/or upheld by the ruling party.

    i am under the impression that the CPC believes that YSW is not worth engaging in discussion for.

  2. This really is unacceptable behaviour. Is this the way we get transparent and accountable government?

    The Conservatives are showing a degree of contempt for the people of this riding, and for the people of Canada — that is, for anyone whose vote they aren’t wooing.

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