JK rooms not ready

Junior Kindergarten rooms at all Weston public schools are not ready for the influx of new students, according to 680News.com.

Weston Memorial, Pelmo, and HJ Alexander are all affected.

Ten schools had to build additions as a result of increased enrollment and they aren’t ready to go yet, meaning hundreds of kids won’t start the school year in their permanent classrooms.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “JK rooms not ready”

  1. Hi Adam,

    I read your article and made some inquiries about the status of the renovations at the schools referenced. All schools are installing bathrooms in existing JK/SK classrooms. There are no additions being built at these schools. There is sufficient space to accommodate the kids.

    HJ Alexander – They are constructing bathrooms in two existing kindergarten classes. They are constructing bathrooms one at a time so that there is only one class that has to be relocated while the work goes on. The Principal informed me that because they are actually down a JK class this year, they have a spare JK room available for the students that have to be relocated.

    Weston Memorial- 2 bathrooms are being installed in existing kindergarten classes. One of these rooms is already being used to house the JK/SK students as it has been deemed safe. There was an additional empty JK/SK classroom that was available and students are currently being housed there while construction occurs in the other room. Crews have been working late afternoon and nights so not to disrupt the classroom instruction.

    Pelmo P.S- Construction has not yet started on the installation of the washrooms. Kids are in their regular JK/SK classes and are using the washrooms located in the halls as they have in previous years. Construction will likely not start until the winter break in order to minimize disruption to the school.

    All Principals have assured me that their schools are off to a flying start and hope to have construction completed as soon as possible.

    Chris Tonks

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