Job vacancy goes begging

Beginning in October, there’s a great job up for grabs in the York South-Weston area. It pays $105,397 annually with an option to renew every four years. it also has generous benefits, expenses and severance payments. In addition, to ease the workload, the successful candidate has a staff budget of $224,264.25 to hire up to four assistants and if that’s not enough, an aide (summer student) for the summer.

The job itself involves irregular hours but offers great opportunities to improve the lives of thousands of people. You must be a Canadian citizen and either live or own property in Toronto. It costs $100 to apply. While it would be helpful to be a team player, apparently it’s not essential.

To make the job even easier to get, only about 40% of the people who are trusted with the all-important hiring decision ever bother to show up. This means that you need to convince just over 20% that you are the right person for the job.

Only one person has held the job in various forms since 1988 and as of April 4, 2014, that person has no challengers.

If Weston Web readers know any suitable candidates for this very attractive job, perhaps they would be kind enough and forward this article to them.

14 thoughts on “Job vacancy goes begging”

  1. I think Paul is probably hedging his bets on running in the provincial election first if there is one in june, then municipal if he is unsucessful. Would not look good if he registers to run for council if a provincial election is on the horizon. It would look like he’s just trying to get elected to any position anywhere. I have heard a couple of people thinking about taking a shot at council but the reality is that frances probably cannot be beaten. She is strong locally and I think the ford factor helps her. Like it or not ford still has a lot of support locally.

  2. I cannot understand how people can continue with Nunziata.
    Ridiculous. Move on people move on.

  3. The Ford “support” is a reflection of how low of a society we remain. The support for Nunziata is nothing more than name recognition, which is also sad.

  4. It is a sad situation, given the facts of how York-South Weston continually gets the short end of the stick. But Nunziata tells it differently just as our mayor does with his stories. Public service from these two means the public serving as wallpaper.
    Voter turnout is a huge issue, and ignorance of the facts leaves any prospective voter victim to whatever story gets told.
    Roll on Weston Web keeping information coming!

  5. I think last provincial election Paul said he was not running again. Not sure if that’s still the case.

  6. Hi folks. Since my name’s been mentioned here a couple times . . .

    I have been approached by many local residents asking me to consider another provincial run or a municipal one. I am flattered and humbled by their heartfelt support and encouragement; it’s gone a long way to helping me overcome the unfortunate experience of my last provincial campaign.

    As for this time: I have not yet made a decision for a host of reasons — political, professional and personal.

    I am proud to live in York South–Weston — my house is practically on the dividing line between the old York and North York boundaries (and Weston and Pelmo Park). Like many on this site, I have concerns about the state of our neighbourhoods and our present representation, especially at City Hall. As a community, we deserve better on a host of issues.

    I’m glad Weston Web gives us a valuable forum to read up on local issues and offer our comments — even if I may not agree with some of the comments : )

    Rest assured: As soon as I make a decision, Adam and Roy will be among the first to find out!

    Cheers, Paul

  7. LOL on the ad Roy! But this also applies to challengers. With all respect, has not Paul run the course? Surely the NDP brain trust can cultivate another candidate municipally or provincially. Are we that void of new and refreshing talent in YSW! Even the PCs manage to offer up something new each election. So I’ll be the first to nominate Adam to seek public office! Seconders??

  8. If you try to run a municipal campaign based on someone being the “NDP candidate”, is the very reason why whoever that candidate is, will not win. In municipal politics, the person has to cut across all party lines based on popular personal appeal. Someone middle of the road is what is required, not a robot from the left or the right. I support a middle of the road candidate who is not ideological, but practical based on the issue and the circumstances of the time. I’m still hoping a strong candidate of that caliber comes forward. No disrespect but I’m tired of the same old same old in both Frances and Paul.

  9. We need a new councillor for Weston. My gosh, after 20 years of little to no results, you would think the councillor would move on.

  10. It’s very hard not to be pessimistic about city politics these days. I never voted for Frances but she’s always wins. I know there’s some neighbours in Pelmo Park that vote for her no matter what. I bet if she didn’t have Pelmo or Maple Leaf neighbourhoods she would have harder time holding on to YSW.

  11. Paul is played out. If he runs, it’s because the NDP couldn’t find someone with a chance of winning (which so far IS the case). His antics at community meetings clearly show an embarrassingly transparent build toward a municipal run, and people are sick of his politicizing everything while pretending to care. Don’t think we’ve forgotten that Paul only moved into the area to run in the first place….

  12. Eric who do you work for. Paul is far more respected than nunziata or Laura….but you of course you would rather support to the do nothing past as oppose to moving forward and letting new fresh blood contribute and make a real difference.

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