John and Weston Signals to get Fixed

For some time, I have thought that the signals at John and Weston were broken. It cycles through continuously, with a green signal on Weston Rd for only a few seconds before it starts to change again. It makes traffic in rush hour a nightmare.
I reported it several years ago, and was told it was fine. I reported it again a few weeks ago when I noticed it cycling in the middle of the night.
I was again told it was working fine.
I asked the 311 operator if someone could call me back. I got an email from Henry Chu, who advised me to email him the nature of the issue. I did yesterday.
Today I got a call from one of the staff of transportation, who advised that indeed the car detection loop under John Street was broken and was calling for a change all the time. It will take a few weeks to fix, he said.

Author: Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan has lived in Weston since 1992, with his wife Andrée and at various times their seven children. He has helped with or led community causes – protecting our street names from amalgamation, burying trains, getting a stop, getting bridges and noise walls, promises of electrified trains and lowered fares. He was a Union Representative working for NABET and CEP (now Unifor) dealing with broadcasters and newspapers. He ran for Member of Parliament three times; elected in 2011. While MP he helped deal with street crime by leading the charge to force phone companies to refuse to activate stolen phones. He was critic for persons living with disabilities, helping get disabilities listed as one of the ‘hate crime’ prohibitions. He presently serves as a member of the Board of Weston King Neighbourhood Centre, and of the advocacy group TTC Riders.

2 thoughts on “John and Weston Signals to get Fixed”

  1. Similar to our always-treatment here.

    Another problem is the Little Ave / Weston Rd. intersection, where the large space encourages drivers to race the yellow light and then block of continue moving through the pedestrian crossing while the light is red and people, many schoolchildren, are crossing.

    Last October, I asked that a “Do not block the intersection” sign be posted. I was assured by our councillors office in December that this had happened; it hadn’t and it still hasn’t happened, and the blocking of the intersection continues.

    Weston Rd is perilous for pedestrians, and we’re heading for many more pedestrians in the area: attention needs to be given to traffic and pedestrian flow.

    Politicians are frying bigger fish elsewhere it seems.

  2. Thanks Mike for being persistent on fixing this Weston/John signal. The city really makes it difficult to report this kind of issue (i.e. traffic signal timing).

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