John St gets speed humps

New speed humps are nearly finished on John St between Elm St and Jane St. Only the painting has yet to be done.

John St runs beside Weston Memorial Public School, and can be quite busy when the train releases held-up traffic. Nonetheless, getting the speed humps has been a bit of a struggle. One resident said that they were first proposed 19 years ago.

In the most recent negotiations, Etobicoke York council had to overrule city workers, who did not recommend that the humps be built. To get humps, 50% plus 1 of residents are supposed to return a ballot by mail. Transportation Services recommended against the humps because fewer than half of residents responded—even though two-thirds of those who did were in favour.

Etobicoke York council overruled the city workers and voted in favour of the installation. Six humps have now been placed at a cost of around $18,000.

Transportation Services has been overruled before. Fewer than half of the residents of MacDonald Ave, which also runs by a school, responded to their survey. The speed humps were installed anyway.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.