John St to be transformed project tomorrow

John Street will be transformed tomorrow night and for the rest of the summer. Metrolinx, the City, and the Urban Land Institute will be stringing lights, adding street furniture, and planting flowers to start the process of revitalizing the corridor.

The plan calls for the temporary narrowing of the roadway – with the space given over to a public “sidewalk-café-like seating area surrounded by flowers and crowned with festive lights strung from one side of the street to the other. …

This street furniture installation, which will remain throughout the summer, will be constructed in the afternoon and early evening of Friday, June 15. Urban Arts Community Arts Council (located on John Street) will be painting the pavement with colourful graphics to enliven the area.


Everyone is invited to the grand opening and flower planting from 4 to 8.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “John St to be transformed project tomorrow”

  1. This should be wonderful except for the timing when John St is one of the ways to get past the tracks without using the always-jammed Lawrence Ave. With King St out of commission for the duration of the construction, that leaves only Church St as an alternate route to the east.

    So Church St, with its homes and parks and a bus route, will take the traffic that has gone along John, home to businesses and no parks with children playing or homes with children walking home from school.

    I can only see a pipe dream here, and when the people in the photo don’t materialize (or appear only on Saturday morning for the market), this is money ill-spent on neighbourhood improvement.

  2. John St is going to get cut-off at the tracks anyways in the next few years, so might as well get people used to how it will be. Now if we only had a decent coffee place more people might be drawn to sitting in the “sidewalk-café-like seating area”

  3. I think it’s little too early to put patio and flowers on the street. Yesterday afternoon it was empty. How can you have patio and no coffee shop? Still better to hop on the Scarlett RD bus down to Bloor West Village for a coffee. (Neighourhood really benefit from inclusive transit like the subway!)

  4. I walked by the patio yesterday, and clearly no one from Weston cares about it or will use it.

  5. Unbelievable! If Frances Nunziata ever trots this out as a neighbourhood improvement, she should be run out of office instantly!

    I walked past today, and no one was there, although someone had been as there was garbage on one table (no garbage can within the enclosed area). That was the first obvious lack.

    The second has already been pointed out: no coffee shop.

    And third, no indication that anyone turning right onto John or left from Weston Rd. has any inkling that there are going to be tables in the street, surrounded but not in any way protected, from the cars by low markers and aluminum plant pots. It looks like a design for an accident: who on earth planned this complete waste of money and space?

    This “improvement” is for the Nunziata resume only, and just underscores how little the Weston community matters.

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