John Street closed permanently

John Street will be permanently closed to all traffic today, May 1. A pedestrian bridge will be built in fall.

The pedestrian bridge

The work is being done to “complete the Weston Tunnel through this area and to re-route and upgrade the water main currently crossing the rail corridor”, according to a spokesperson for Metrolinx. The bridge cannot be built until the tunnel is finished.

The 59 Maple Leaf bus, already re-routed, will be re-re-routed up King, which will be reopened.

The new way
The old way

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “John Street closed permanently”

  1. Well Im not bother by it. In the beginnning I thought they were going to close both John and King,,but having pedestrian bridge is fine by me. I would think most people walk to farmers market. It takes me about 20 mins from Pelmo Park area to walk to Weston Rd. It would be nice to have walkway along the tracks from the new GO station to John St though.

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