John Street / Hub / 30 Storey Rental Apartment / Storage Locker Meeting – Date Changed.

The date of the John Street residents’ meeting to discuss rezoning for the Cultural Hub, Farmers Market, 30-storey rental apartment building (and now storage locker) is incorrect according to Councillor Nunziata. The original date given by City staff was September 16th. No word from the councillor as to the new date. The matter will still come before Etobicoke York Community Council on September 8.

They’re deciding on three things at the September 8 meeting:

1. Staff be directed to schedule a community consultation meeting in September 2015 for the lands at 22 John Street, 33 King Street and 2 Elsmere Avenue with the Ward Councillor.

2. Notice for the community consultation meeting be given to landowners and residents within 120 metres of the site.

3. Notice for the public meeting under the Planning Act be given according to the regulations of the Planning Act.

The public consultation will be at a date TBA and the big decision is now apparently happening in December.

Weston Web will post details of the public meeting as soon as they are announced.

7 thoughts on “John Street / Hub / 30 Storey Rental Apartment / Storage Locker Meeting – Date Changed.”

  1. So the Council decides on Sept. 8, and the discussion with the parties most concerned will take place at a later unspecified date?
    Democracy in Weston, thanks to our Councillor??

    1. Sorry Westonian – I’ve added to the article to clarify what’s happening at the September 8 meeting. In my opinion 120 metres is too small a radius for such a momentous decision. Especially with a 30-storey rental tower and now a self-storage facility.

  2. Let’s get everyone we can out to this meeting once we know the date, enough of these high rise rentals… Why can’t we have single family detached homes in Weston!

  3. This is ridiculous. A self storage facility? When was this brought to the table and who thinks that this is a good idea to help revitalize a neighbourhood? This sounds like a disaster in the making. We need to get as many residents as possible to stop this from happening.

  4. I think it’s ridiculous too. Self storage junk facility the developers probably think it’s will be good business with all of high rise apartments buildings around Weston now. I was at that meeting in June with Tory, Nunzaita at Weston Memorial and all their responses to the residents concerns about this sounded condescending too me. It’s dumb,, it will ruin the community.

  5. I have had a few conversations with the WVRA and when we last spoke, they were in favour of the project. I’m writing yet another Hub article – look for it in the next day or so. Not sure about the BIA although they had some concerns about the new Farmers Market setup. The Farmers Market is a major source of revenue for the BIA.

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