Junction a war zone. Weston quite nice, thank you.

For the—I’ve forgotten now. Third? Fourth?—week running, there was no reported street crime in Weston.

In the Junction, by contrast, just down the street, there was a mugging.¹


¹ Some readers are likely to be confused about WestonWeb covering the Junction. I feign dislike for the Junction because I sold my home there to move here. I called the Junction as the new hip neighbourhood when it was still the used mattress district. Alas, I didn’t buy that old brick Victorian for $225,000 because I didn’t have the money; instead, and years too late, I bought a lousy townhouse and lost a bunch. The moral? I don’t know. Weston is great? Weston is the next Junction? Yes and maybe, and this: Weston has, despite perception, a totally normal level of street crime.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.