Just another reason for optimism

Marion from the BIA sent along a bit of news I hadn’t heard: the Greater Toronto Airports Authority is working on a plan to make the Pearson airport area “Union Station West”—a second major hub for jobs and transit.

According to the GTAA, the airport alone employs 49,000 people, and the number is growing very fast. A further 250,000 people work in the area, making it the second-largest employment zone in Canada.¹ Yet almost 95% of the workers get there by car—and it’s a death zone for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users.

The GTAA is looking to fix that by building Toronto’s second major transit hub, just outside Terminals 1 and 3. This should improve commutes, draw employers, and smooth transit through the region.

What business is this of WestonWeb? Have a look at the map.

One of the seven transit routes planned to link up at Union Station West² currently makes it there: the UPX. We have a monopoly on commuter rail. Better, though: Three of the seven planned lines will stop in Weston or Mount Dennis.

Sure, it’s a dream right now, but as Union Station West grows, Weston and Mount Dennis are perfectly placed to be bedroom communities. A quick hop on a comfy, uncongested train could take you to your job uptown.

¹ I have my doubts about that last bit.

² They’re going to need another name.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Just another reason for optimism”

  1. “the second-largest employment zone in Canada”

    The source of the claim appears to be a commissioned report (see link below), so yes, it’s likely generalized to some degree. That said, the proposition that interstitial communities like Weston could see significant transformation via a more efficient public transit link is not far fetched at all.


  2. UP express needs to change to above-ground subway or LRT. The service was not designed for inter city commuter transit but for airport riders who want fast service downtown. There’s hardly no standing room and extra space are taken up by luggage racks. Imagine stops at Rexdale, Weston, Eglinton, and Liberty Village. I am sure it could help the traffic congestion in the west end which I think it’s getting worst. It could decrease the pack buses such as 52 and King streetcar. UP express was a poor transit planning from the beginning. I have little hope the new Ford govt will do anything different.

  3. Very disappointed I didn’t get a chance to comment on the gentrification article before the comments were closed down. The lady that wrote the blog needs a reality check. As soon as I googled her and saw the pink hat, I knew what was up.

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