Justin Trudeau drives a Kia

Justin Trudeau made a brief stop in Weston last night to give a boost to local Liberal candidate Ahmed Hussen. About 200 people warmly greeted the politicians in a toasty room in a private school on Queens Drive. 

Hussen gave a speech about how the community had contributed to his success. He promised that the Liberals would support programs such as those that helped him.

Trudeau spoke about bill C-24, which strips convicted terrorists of their Canadian citizenship, and C-51, a bill he regrets voting for. C-51 was a controversial bill that extended the power of government to detain and entrap suspected terrorists. The Liberal party supported it, likely to avoid giving the Conservatives ammunition in the upcoming election. Trudeau said last night that he would amend the law. 

Your humble correspondent was struck, and pleased, by Trudeau’s speech. Surely he is taking a gamble by addressing elevated topics like civil liberties and the Charter rather than sticking to jobs, jobs, and jobs. It’s brave, too, to admit that he held his nose when voting for C-51. To me, this law doesn’t pass the garden fence test: you’re not likely to bring it up with your neighbour with your head over the rail. It’s odd then that he pointed the stink of a job badly done. 

Finally, I was pleased by Trudeau’s accessibility. I couldn’t find any security, and he shook hands and walked around without any obvious mediation. He was not picked up in a limo or black Mercedes, as I had expected. He got in the passenger side of a Kia Sorrento. Cool.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

9 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau drives a Kia”

  1. I was a Liberal for 20 years and this man is driving the party into the ground. Weak candidate too.

    1. I guess you have not read about Ahmed Hussen or even spoke to him. Ahmed Hussen is more qualified then Mike S. At least he will bring a respected voice to Ottawa rather then talking about city issues. Frances and D’Georgio are doing a fantastic job. We do not need a 3rd city councillor

  2. I agree. Unfortunately the fix was in on the nomination. Was a complete fiasco. Its unfortunate they could not find a local candidate who actually lives here to run. So much for Trudeau’s open nomination pledge. Many Liberals on the ground are not happy.

  3. I am not impressed of Trudeau’s leadership. His support of C 51 the nomination process etc. Kind of reminds of Mcguinty after Harris. He didn’t do nothing..I think it will be NDP minority wins.

  4. Liberal support for Bill C-51 was a purely political strategic decision. While speaking to an audience at UBC, he insisted that he didn’t want the Conservatives to be able to make “political hay” of the issue and bash them on security.


    So the Liberals went ahead, offered their amendments to Bill C51, had them rejected and voted for the bill anyway, on the premise that they will fix when the get into government. That is not responsible and reaks of entitlement.

    As for the ‘local’ candidate, I would find it hard to vote for someone that does not even live in the riding. I know that our first-past-the-post system is in need of reform, but a cornerstone of the system is local parliamentary representation. Until that changes, I want someone who actually lives in the riding representing those residing in it.

    As an aside, in the video Trudeau refers to Kirsty Duncan as a nobel prize winner. She is not.


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