Keele St  HRRH development proposed

 A developer has proposed a townhome  and mid-rise community for The Keele St. site of the Humber River Regional Hospital. 

This, it should be emphasized, is not the Weston Church Street site. Still, it sets a benchmark for what we should expect.

The proposed plan includes townhouses and mid-rise apartment buildings, a park and a “natural open space area.” 

731 homes would be built, but no high rises. 10% of the homes would be affordable housing.

The Church Street site remains tied up in the courts, because part of the land for the hospital was given to the town of Weston by its former owners in exchange for a promise that it would only be used for healthcare purposes. The hospital board, however, would like to sell the site to the highest bidder, so that they can pay for their new hospital. 

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Note the Keele St site is in another ward, different councillor. Our site will probably be a 40 storey rental tower and if we are lucky we might a room for community use…….

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