Keesmaat promises revamp of Scarlett Wood Golf Course

Scarlett Wood Golf Course in lower left quadrant. From Google Maps. Click to enlarge.

Jennifer Keesmaat is promising that if she is elected mayor on October 22nd, she will switch three city owned golf courses to ‘community spaces’ with a wider variety of uses. The courses are Scarlett Wood on Eglinton between Jane and Scarlett, Don Valley Golf Course and Dentonia Park Golf Course. Keesmaat claims that the courses, lose money, are rarely used and are open less than six months a year. Instead, she is proposing other uses such as sports pitches, cycling and walking trails and says that local communities should be consulted as to the best uses of the space.

The conversion of the Scarlett Wood course to new uses would give local citizens a great opportunity to re-think public land use and it’s a common sense approach to ensuring that city owned land is used for the benefit of a wider group of people. This would add a large parcel of green space and river frontage to the already considerable recreational facilities around the Jane and Eglinton intersection.

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3 thoughts on “Keesmaat promises revamp of Scarlett Wood Golf Course”

  1. Please leave it as a golf course. I use the course and find it strange how it loses money. It is busy all the time. Also, is there not sufficient green space around the whole of the Eglinton flats? Not sure what other uses you could employ given it is in the flood plain.

  2. All of Scarlet Woods is within the Floodplain, and thus undevelopable. The lands can ONLY be used for passive recreational use and other recreational uses not requiring structures. Because of the tree canopy on these land they contribute to producing oxygen and help to reduce some of the urban heat effect we get from pavement, buildings etc. Changing the use to soccer fields or cricket pitches won’t help. What REALLY needs to be done is an overall parks strategy which looks at unutilized or underutilized facilities. Also existing trails in the Humber need to be completed i.e. the link north under the 401. How many rusted out and weedy baseball diamonds, tennis courts, bocce courts etc, exist that were built in the 1960’s/70’s are largely unused. As the demographics have changed outdoor facilities have been allowed to deteriorate with few new facilities being built to accommodate the newer Canadians interest. Similarly look at our school yards, which face similar deterioration of outdoor facilities. Take a look at the baseball diamonds at WMJPS (2) and CR Marchant (1). All are pathetic. They finally took the overgrown tennis courts at WCI but replaced with what? There are examples of neglect of our parks/school facilities all over the City not just in Weston. Jennifer Keesmat’s idea is not fully rounded as most of her ideas are not. She came late to election only because there were no credible candidates to run against Tory. In principle I agree with her point that we need bold ideas to improve the City. But her ideas are too unrealistic and potentially too costly.

  3. She wants to build more condos….she was all for the John St condo….she wants to dump a tonne more condos along Weston Rd…aint no secret.

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